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Civil Litigation

Being sued is no fun. Neither is suing. It pits employee against employer, business partner against business partner, and driver against driver. At Nathanson Seaman Watts we look for ways to resolve a dispute in a fair and reasonable manner before it gets to court. But if a dispute is headed to court, we have the experience and resources to represent you.

To explore whether going to court, and which court, is right for you, contact Peter Nathanson, Mike Forse, Donald Urquhart, or John MacMillan.

Corporate / Commercial

Buying or selling a business can be a daunting tax. Asset sale? Share sale? Tax consequences? Retaining or discharging employees? Regulatory or environmental concerns? Financing?

To discuss the future of a business, contact Peter Nathanson or Bill Watts or Mike Forse.

Criminal Law

Every criminal case involves a prosecution and a defence. Nathanson Seaman Watts is proud to represent the federal government in the prosecution of drug charges in Kings County. Bill Watts, Donald Urquhart, Peter Nathanson and Kate Seaman have all been appointed agents for the federal Crown’s office. Bill Watts also represents the provincial government on occasion. Don Urquhart conducts the firm’s defence work.

Family Law

Nathanson Seaman Watts is widely recognized as one of the top family law firms in Kings County. Kate Seaman, Donald Urquhart, and John MacMillan have extensive experience in family law. This can include custody disputes, child and spousal support, adoption, divorce, separation agreements, child protection, and adult protection. Our lawyers appear frequently in Family Court and in Supreme Court.

Personal Injury

Anyone who has ever been injured wants the pain to stop and their life to get back to the way it was. But sometimes the only compensation for pain and suffering is money. And that invariably means dealing with the adjusters or lawyers for insurance companies. Nathanson Seaman Watts has extensive experience in automobile accidents, slip and falls. To discuss a personal injury case, speak with John MacMillan.

Property Law

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding events in your life.  Selling a home can often be a huge relief.  Whether you are purchasing, selling, or remortgaging a home, the lawyer at Nathanson Seaman Watts can give you the guidance and knowledge that you will need to make the process as carefree as possible.  Peter Nathanson, Kate Seaman, Bill Watts, and Mike Forse can all assist you.

Municipal Law

In the last 20 years, municipalities have been given much greater freedom and autonomy to conduct their own affairs, without oversight by a provincial or federal government. With such autonomy comes increased responsibility. Compliance with Nova Scotia’s Municipal Government Act and other related statutes is essential for good governance. This is a specialized area of law that requires experience and expertise.

Don Urquhart has over 10 years of experience in advising Kings County Council on procedural and other issues. He now also assists Wolfville Town Council as required. Peter Nathanson has over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of property law, such as zoning, development agreements, and planning issues. Both lawyers are experienced litigators.

Wills and Estates

Many people think that dying without a will is not a problem for their heirs and a great way to save some money on legal fees while alive. Ask anyone who has served as Administrator of an Estate where there is no will and they will tell you about the difficulties: the nightmare of dealing with heirs who feel shortchanged, or the expensive bond that is required. They will also tell you that dying without a will leaves a legacy for heirs that many would prefer to have never “inherited”.

To discuss a will, and the administration of an estate, speak with Mike Forse, Peter Nathanson, Bill Watts, John MacMillan or any of our other lawyers.